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During my last trip to the craft store I stumbled upon the most magical craft supply ever! Holographic vinyl! The combo pack contained three holographic sheets of adhesive backed vinyl each showing a rainbow of different colors. Of course I snapped it up and brought it home to craft with. I ended up making three different projects from the one tube of vinyl, and since I used my Joann coupon, it ended up being only $6 for all three sheets. Talk about a good deal!First up on my project list were these simple holographic mirrors made using $2 Ikea mirrors. So this entire project cost less than $10 for three mirrors! Yay for cute, quick, and affordable DIYs!

One thing that I have realized is that it is extremely difficult to photograph holographic things, but see how the color changes depending on the angle that you look at the mirrors? And trust me when I say they are even more amazing in person!


  • Holographic Vinyl
  • Large framed mirror (these Ikea ones were perfect because the frame is so wide)
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Squeegee


I wanted a color blocked look for my mirrors, so I began by trimming the vinyl down to the size of the mirror and then cut off a piece at an angle to create the color blocked effect. Once your vinyl is cut, peel back a portion of the paper backing and cut it off. Then lay your vinyl on top of the mirror lining up the edges and start to adhere the exposed vinyl from the corner down.

Use the squeegee to smooth out the vinyl as you go. Once you have that corner adhered, slightly peel back the paper backing again and then use the squeegee to rub the vinyl onto the mirror while pushing down towards the unstuck side. If you work slowly like this, the paper backing will slowly peel away as you press downwards eventually leaving you with a perfect, bubble free holographic mirror.

The last step is to use the X-acto knife to trim off the extra vinyl covering the mirror and any extra that is hanging off the sides.

As you can see in all these photos the holographic vinyl changes colors depending on how the light is hitting it and what it is reflecting.

Ahhh! I love them so much! Are you all obsessed with holographic stuff too? I can’t wait to share the other two projects I am working on. They are so good! And just a friendly reminder, that cute teal pillow up there in the photo is one of my new designs that is a part of my Kickstarter, so if you haven’t snagged yours yet and helped fund my Kickstarter, what are you waiting for?! But seriously, I so appreciate how much you all have supported me and my new venture. 

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  1. Cindy-Jo

    August 14th, 2017 at 3:05 am

    Oh my goodness – that holographic vinyl looks amazing! I'll have to get my hands on some! Thanks for the tip-off 😀



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