DIY 80’s Style Memphis Planters

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Welcome to my new blog design! If you visited over the weekend you may have seen my new design already, but I this is the first post that I am writing from my new WordPress platform and and I just can’t contain my excitement over how pretty my new site looks thanks to Alyson of Bash Studio. She was able to completely design my site even better than I could have hoped! Now you all will be able to find all my past projects easily and hopefully stick around a while to look at all the colorful DIY projects you can make!

But enough of that! On to these super rad DIY 80’s style Memphis planters! You may have noticed from my Memphis pumpkins and Memphis ornaments that I am on a bit of an 80’s kick. My husband even made me a mixed tape (well burned CD to be more accurate) of some of my fave 80’s songs for my birthday! But with the holiday’s over and all my decorations packed away, I needed to bring that 80’s vibe to a more permanent decor piece. Enter these cement planters and a little bit of paint!

DIY 80's Style Memphis Planters

DIY 80's Style Memphis Planters-3


Cement planters (or plain white modern planters)
White acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Bright colorful paint in your choice of colors
Paint brushes

DIY 80's Style Memphis Planters-3

So really this tutorial is pretty straight forward. Just paint your planters white if they aren’t already and then add on the signature Memphis 80’s style combo of black and white graphic lines and shapes mixed with shapes of color. Like the pink circle with black confetti lines. Or the black and white stripe with solid yellow inside. There really is no rhyme or reason here, you just want a good mix of black and white starkness with a pop of color. And everything should be very geometric and shape oriented.

DIY 80's Style Memphis Planters-3

Once your paint is dry, your DIY 80’s style Memphis planters are ready to fill with potting soil and your favorite plants (or faux ones, I won’t tell!). And just look how perfect they are against a framed piece of my new 80’s style wrapping paper!¬†Oh, and in case you are thinking. There is no way I could paint one of those! You are in luck because I will be selling a few that I hand paint for you in my shop. So now you can either buy or DIY!

DIY 80's Style Memphis Planters

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  1. Inez

    January 24th, 2018 at 11:23 pm

    Where to buy the cement planters from?

  2. Kara

    January 25th, 2018 at 5:26 am

    I bought mine at

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