DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles

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Continuing in the vain of all things summer, todays craft is good clean fun for the family. These DIY bomb pop soap popsicles resemble one of my favorite childhood summer treats, the bomb pop, but are all soap! Yep! How fun would these be for the kids to use to bath during summer? Maybe even set up a water table with a few for them to get all sudsy with! So fun!

DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles


Begin by cutting 1/2 cup of soap into 1” pieces and placing in a microwave safe bowl.

DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles
Microwave for 15-30 seconds, stir and then heat again until just melted. Add a few drops of your red colorant and stir to incorporate. Pour the red into the mold to fill it 1/3 of the way. Make sure to avoid getting the soap on the sides of the container or it will show up as streaks in the white layer.
Let the red soap cool for about 30 minutes, then add your popsicle sticks. Next, cut up another 1/2 cup of soap and place it in a clean bowl. Microwave again to melt the soap. Spray the red layer with the rubbing alcohol, and then pour in the white soap until it reaches about 2/3 of the way up the mold. Let cool again.

DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles
For the final blue layer, repeat the above process of cutting and melting 1/2 cup of soap, this time add a few drops of blue colorant and stir to combine. Spray the white soap in the mold with the rubbing alcohol (this assures the soap layers stick to each other) and pour in the blue soap to the top of the mold.

DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles

Once the blue soap is hard, place the DIY soap pops in the freezer for a few hours. Then run the mold under warm water to help dislodge the soap. Once unmolded, your soap is ready to take to the bath or place by your sink for a bubbly clean time.

DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles
I love that these DIY bomb pop soap popsicles help encourage my kids to wash their hands! I am sure you and your kids will love washing up with these all summer long. Just be sure they don’t try to take a bite out of it!DIY Bomb Pop Soap Popsicles 

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