DIY Giant Colorful Bat Balloons

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There is just something about giant balloons that is so much more magical and special than standard sized balloons. These DIY giant colorful bat balloons are an easy way to transform those magical orbs into even more magical Halloween decorations. Sure, you can go the standard bat route and use black balloons with white eyelashes and mouth, but I want my Halloween to be colorful and fun, so I used my favorite colored balloons instead for bats that are just down right pretty!

DIY Giant Colorful Bat BalloonsPhoto by Melanie Wright Photography

So, I accidentally forgot to take any process shots while making these balloons (oops!), but hopefully I can describe the process well enough!


-36″ Qualatex latex balloons
-Black adhesive vinyl
-11″ by 17″ cardstock to match your balloon colors
-Vinyl cutter
-Packing tape
-Scrap notebook paper (2 sheets per bat)

Begin by inflating your balloons and tying them closed. Then use your vinyl cutter to cut out the bat wings from the cardstock using this template. Next, cut out the eyes and mouth from the black adhesive vinyl. Once the black vinyl is cut, peel it off the paper backing and stick them to the inflated balloons to make the eyes and mouth.

Next, it is time for the wings. To get the wings to stand out from the balloon, you will need to create a brace for them. To do this, fold or cumple one sheet of notebook paper into a long strip. Then tape the paper strip to the back of the wing matching up the end of the paper to the flat part of the wing where it will attach to the balloon. Next, fold back the flat end of the wing and the paper 1″. Tape the wing to the balloon on this folded piece. Then add one more piece of packing tape to the front of the wing where it meets the balloon to secure the wing. You can also use a low temp glue gun for this step if you don’t want the tape to be visible.

DIY Giant Colorful Bat BalloonsPhoto by Melanie Wright Photography

Once your bats are finished, simply tie a string to the knot at the top and hang from the ceiling. Wouldn’t these DIY giant colorful bat balloons be the perfect Halloween party decorations?

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