DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins

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My first pumpkin painting post of the season is here! I wanted to give a slight update to the gold splatter pumpkins I did last year, I thought, why not keep the pumpkin white and paint the stem. These DIY neon stem pumpkins look especially cute if you can find these snowball pumpkins with long stems. They may not be the most original pumpkins, but they are so easy to make and look so cute! An approachable pumpkin painting project is always a win in my book. You can make them with or without the added gold splatter, but I think the gold gives them a little extra sparkle.

DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins

DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins


-Snowball pumpkins with long stems
-Neon acrylic craft paint
-Gold paint pen
-White spray paint (optional)

Begin by spray painting the pumpkins pure white. The snowball pumpkins I bought at the grocery store where a more cream color and had dirt patches from where they rested on the ground, so I wanted to give them a nice coat of white matte paint. This step is optional however and you can keep them au natural if you want.

DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins

Once the white coat is dry, use a paint brush to give the stems a coat of colorful neon paint. You may need to do several coats to get good coverage with the neon colors. Once one coat is dry, repeat with the second and third coat as necessary.

DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins

Once the stems are dry, use the gold paint pen to flick the metallic gold paint on the white pumpkin. Then let dry. Again, this step is optional as the pumpkins look pretty cute without the gold splatters too!

DIY Neon Stem Pumpkins

I find it difficult to fully capture the neon colors in a photo, but trust me when I say these DIY neon stem pumpkins are fun and funky and totally fit in with the 80’s pumpkins I painted last year.

Now who is ready to start pumpkin painting?!

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