DIY Geometric Paper Easter Eggs

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Easter eggs come in all shapes and sizes, and are so much fun to decorate! This year I’m going with these environmentally-friendly DIY geometric paper easter eggs for my kids’ baskets. Just look at how pretty they are! Working with paper this Easter season ended up being so much simpler, and gave me more creative flexibility. It totally got my wheels turning, thinking of other ways I can use paper around my home, and what I can create with it.

DIY Geometric Paper Easter eggs

While you can totally use scrapbook paper or even spare printer paper to make these, I decided to stick with a fun color palette of solid pastels and fill them with alllll the tasty Easter treats. The thicker paper held its shape and supported the weight of the candy just fine!

To make your own geometric Easter eggs, just follow this simple printable pattern. You can print the template and then cut and use double-sided tape to glue the pieces together. I love the unique geometric look of the eggs and that you can customize them by simply using patterned paper or printing your own pattern on the backside of the template. Your eggs can look like the ones I created, or you can get crazy and make something completely different!

How are you preparing for Easter this year? Any fun paper crafts I should know about?

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