DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

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During my latest shopping trip to JOANN stores (which happens to be like once a week right now), I found the cutest white bowl planter with a white wire stand. While obviously cute as is, I knew I could give it a little makeover to add a bit of color. Once I got home, I actually had too many ideas of how to make over the planter so I actually give it two different DIY color treatments. The first, this DIY yarn wrapped planter, I will be sharring with you today. The other I hope to share with you tomorrow as long as I can find time to photograph it today!

DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter
DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

For the first makeover of the planter, I added yarn in 4 different colors to each side of the metal stand. Such a simple addition but completely remakes the planter and gives it all the 70’s vibes!

Materials to make your own DIY yarn wrapped planter:

  • Metal stand planter from JOANN
  • Yarn in 1-4 colors of your choice
  • Scissors
DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter


To make the planter, begin by removing the bowl from the stand and then tying one end of the yarn to the bottom corner of one side of the planter. Then begin to wrap the yarn around the planter stand from top to bottom.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

Repeat all the way around the planter if using one color of yarn. If you want to use more than one color for a color block effect, then tie off the end of the yarn once you have wrapped one side. Then tie on your next color and reapeat all the way around the planter.

DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

Once you have your planter completely wrapped, just add back in the bowl planter and add your dirt and plants.

The Results

DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

I love how using the different colors allows the colors on all the sides to peek through. This whole project took about 15 minutes to make and is the perfect way to add color and texture to this modern planter.

Also, check out the second way I gave this planter a colorful makeover!

DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

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DIY Yarn Wrapped Planter

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