DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

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This post on DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters is sponsored by JOANN. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep the crafting going!

If you have been reading this blog for any period of time, you know that I love color. I love to craft with color and to bring color into my home in unexpected ways. It can, however, be hard to find colorful things that I love off the shelf, so you will often find me reimagining items and adding my own colorful pop and pattern to them. On my most recent visit to JOANN, I found the most adorable half circle metal planters. The only problem was that they were black. Not that I don’t love black, but I wanted a fun colorful planter to use on my backyard fence for summer. But I loved the shape and knew that just a touch of paint and vinyl could completely transform these basic planters into something just perfect for my home.

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

Don’t you just love the half circle shape of them?!

Materials to make your own DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters:

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters



Begin by painting your metal planters. If you are using the craft paint, you will want to give the planters 2-3 coats to really cover the black and give a nice solid opaque color. Once the first coat is dry, apply the second. Then the third if needed. If you are using spray paint instead, take the planters outside to a well ventillated area and spray them. Once dry, flip them over to paint the black if desired.

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

Just look how much prettier they are with just a simple coat of paint! At this point, I really considered going to get a bunch more of them to create a whole wall of colorful planters because I loved them so much. But, I decided adding a pattern out of vinyl would be just as cute.

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

If you have a Cricut vinyl cutting machine, you can use it to cut out an intricate pattern from the adhesive vinyl. But for these I just went the old fashioned route of using scissors to cut triangles of different sizes and then simply peeled off the backing and stuck them to the planters to form my patterns.


DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

At this point, they are ready to hang and for you to add your dirt and plants to them. Be sure to use nails to screws to attach them to your fence if you are filling them with dirt so that the weight is supported. If you don’t have the outdoor space to hang them, you can use them inside as well, but you may want to use faux plants or be sure to plug up the drain hole or place a paper towel in the bottom before adding the dirt so that when you water the plants, the excess water doesn’t drip all over the floor.

DIY Colorful Outdoor Wall Planters

I love the way these planters turned out and how much difference paint and vinyl can make to completely transform off the shelf decor. If you love these planters, you need to go check out all the other planters from JOANN that are just begging for a paint makeover (like these and these). While you may think of them as just a craft store, their decor is really top notch too!

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