DIY 80’s Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

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You all know I love a good 80’s early 90’s inspired project, and my love for my Glowforge runs deep. It was only natural then that I would use my Glowforge to create another 80’s themed project (remember the first one I made?). This past weekend I hit the motherload of pretty indoor plants at a local nursery and purchased a few new indoor plants for my new studio. After bringing them home I realized I needed a few larger plants for them and then I had the idea to make a fun DIY 80’s inspired geometric plant stand for one of them. And look how awesome it looks!

DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

All the colorful saved by the bell vibes up in here! The process was extremely simple and took about 30 minutes to make with my Glowforge, paint, and wood glue. But if you don’t have a Glowforge (but obviously you should!), you can still take the ideas from this post and use wood and a jig saw to recreate your own geometric plant stand.

DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

Materials to make your own DIY 80’s Inspired Geometric Plant Stand:


Begin by cutting out your MDF into the shapes in the file above.

DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

Next, paint them with your craft paint. I made each side of my plant stand a different color so that when viewed from the different angles, you get a whole new look. But you can also paint it all the same color or add a pattern with the paint. Let your creativity run wild!

DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

Once you have your pieces painted and the paint has dried, use the wood glue to attach the shapes to the sides of the plant stand. Then let the glue dry for a few hours. Next, use the wood glue to glue the plant stand together. This part was a little tricky to get all the sides to line up at the correct angles. It takes patience and little finesse.

Once the pieces were attached, I placed my planter on top of the plant stand to keep the pieces in place. The force of the planter helped secure the wood while the glue dried. Since the plant stand is a triangle shape, it wasn’t possible to use claps to hold the pieces in place, but the planter seemed to work perfectly to keep everything still and upright while the glue dried. After 24 hours, I removed the planter to check the plant stand and it was tightly attached. But you can always go in with tiny finishing nails or staples if you want it to be extra secure.

The Results

DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand
DIY 80's Inspired Geometric Plant Stand

I love the unique look of the plant stand. I also think the rounded planter that I used on top added to the look too! If you are worried about a planter being precariously placed on top, you can always glue the planter on. Another option would be to cut down the plant stand pieces a bit before gluing them together to make the top of the plant stand larger to match the size of your planter.

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