Summer Bucket List Calendar Printable

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Summer break is fully underway for my kids and there are so many activities that we want to do during these warm months off school. To take full advantage of this time and make sure we don’t leave any activity out, I created a colorful summer bucket list paper calendar printable to help organize all our summer activities.

Having a paper version of our family’s summer activities is great for me to remember to step back from work and have fun with my family. But not only that, it is a great way for my kids to see what fun things we have coming up each week that they can look forward to. There is something about them being able to see it visually on paper that helps them remember what we have planned, and stay engaged and active all summer long. Plus, they love decorating the calendar with stickers and crossing off the days as we go.

But we don’t want to have all the fun! I am sharing my printable calendar with you so that you can print it off and create summer memories with your kids as well!


Download the calendar here!

I included several of our favorite summer activities at the bottom of the calendar that you can cut out and glue to the calendar, but feel free to write in your own special summer bucket list activities, too! And if you have ideas that I don’t, let me know so that I can add them to our calendar!

Now get out there and have some summer family fun!

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