8 Rainbow Inspired Craft Ideas

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You all know I love a good rainbow craft! So it was only time before I would assemble a few of my favorite rainbow inspired craft ideas to inspire you to craft the rainbow. Everything from cookies, to planters, to trivets can easily get the rainbow treatment. So whether you are a baker, felter, or just a novice crafter, there is something for everyone below. My favorite rainbow inspired craft idea has to be the rainbow roving basket. I just love all the texture!

rainbow inspired craft ideas

Rainbow Inspired Craft Ideas:

  1. DIY Rainbow Desk Organizer
  2. Rainbow Heart Spritz Cookies
  3. Colorful Rainbow Pom Pom Planter
  4. Rainbow Heart Decoration
  5. Yarn Rainbow Wall Hooks
  6. Felted Rainbow Trivet
  7. Rainbow Roving Woven Basket
  8. Jumbo Rainbow Sprinkles

Now that you have clicked through to see all the colorful crafts, tell me which is your favorite! For more rainbow ideas, check out this rainbow party backdrop I made last year!

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