DIY Abstract Art Halloween Pumpkins

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Painting pumpkins is nothing new. If you look for it, there are hundreds of tutorials on how to paint pumpkins in so many different ways. These DIY abstract art halloween pumpkins are beautiful and perfect for setting out for the entire fall season. Just add a few spider webs and spiders to give them a Halloween makeover.

DIY Abstract Art Halloween Pumpkins

The beauty of abstract art pumpkins is there is no wrong way to paint them, but there are a few tips that I discovered when painting these that will ensure a pretty outcome.


First you will want to start out with your craft store faux pumpkins and acrylic craft paint.

DIY Abstract Art Halloween Pumpkins

How To

Next, and this is important, be sure to use shades of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel when painting each pumpkin. That means only use colors that look okay when mixed together. If you try to use to many colors like orange and blue or pink and green, you will end up with more of a brown ugly mess than a pretty display of artwork. The second tip is to paint in layers and then let the layers dry before adding on the next set of colors to avoid the mixing of colors too much.

For these pumpkins, started with large brush strokes of paint in shades of pink, then I came back once those were dry and added in the coral, yellow, and purple with more pinks letting them blend a little as I worked. The layering of paint is what give these DIY abstract art pumpkins depth. I just used varying short and long brush strokes at various angles to create the base look. Once the painting looked the way I liked, I let the paint dry, then came back and added gold paint pen lines and navy polka dots to vary the pattern a bit.

The final step was to color the stems gold. Then these beautiful abstract art pumpkins were ready for the show. My pumpkins are staying inside as decor, but if you plan to display yours outside, I would recommend giving them a coat of clear sealant or a spray of varnish to keep the paint sealed.


For more tips on painting abstract works of art whether it be on canvas or pumpkins, I recommend checking out the book Happy Abstracts. It is full of tips and techniques!

DIY Abstract Art Halloween Pumpkins
DIY Abstract Art Halloween Pumpkins

I love the way these DIY abstract art halloween pumpkins turned out! Are you daring enough to try your hand and making your own?

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