DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters

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When Halloween and plants come together you know you have something magical on your hands! These DIY mini cauldron succulent planters are the perfect way to add a little plant greenery to your Halloween decor. Add them to your book shelves or use them as a centerpiece on your Halloween table. You can even add in a few spider webs and plastic spiders for a creepier look! However you style them, they are such a fun way to add some greenery to your decorations.

DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters
DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters

See how adorable they are?! And so simple to make too!

Materials to make your own DIY mini cauldron succulent planters:

DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters

Begin by painting the cauldrons with your favorite Halloween colors of craft paint. Let dry, then add a second coat if needed.

DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters

Next, use the gold paint pen to paint a gold edge around the top of the cauldrons. If you want you can also use the paint pen to paint the cauldron handle gold. Once the paint is dry, add your dirt and succulents.

The cauldrons don’t have drainage holes, but it would be easy to drill through the bottom them to add a drainage hole if you want.

DIY Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters

That’s it! At $2 for 4 of these little cauldrons plus 15 minutes of time, I think this is on Halloween craft project that everyone should try! I also just realized that Target has a larger version of these cauldrons that would work perfectly for a larger plant too. How spooktacular would a grouping of different sized cauldrons be as a centerpiece?

And if you love the idea of adding plants to your Halloween decor, check out my friend Amy’s skeleton plant lady craft. Or this large Jack o Lantern pumpkin stand planter I made last year that everyone is obsessed with!

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  1. Gabriel

    September 26th, 2019 at 7:29 am

    I love these colors~ Thank you for sharing the nice tutorials. I’m thinking about air plants for these planters, too.



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