DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

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Are you as obsessed with neon signs as I am? I love the look of them against a pretty wallpaper in restaurants and have always wanted one for my home. I just can’t get over the price tag on them. So for Halloween I am getting the look of the real deal with a little DIY action and LED neon wire. It makes making your own neon sign so simple! And I love that I was able to easily add the wire to a faux pumpkin for a DIY neon sign Halloween pumpkin that will look so cool on my front porch Halloween night.

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin
DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

And yes, it really lights up!

Materials to make your own DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin:

  • Neon LED wire
  • Faux carvable pumpkin (from JOANN)
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Black craft paint and a paint brush
DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

Begin by using the pencil to trace out your design or word of choice for your neon sign pumpkin.

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

Next, use the hot glue (or low temp so you don’t burn your fingers) and begin to glue the neon LED wire over the sketched out design.

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

Start at the beginning of the word and work your way across the pumpkin gluing the wire in place as you go. Don’t worry about excess glue or glue strings, we will take care of that at the end.

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

Once you have your word complete, carve out a small hole large enough to fit the end of the LED wire through. Unplug the wire from the battery pack and feed it into the pumpkin. Next, replace the small piece of pumpkin that you carved out so that the hole is filled back in and not visible.

Next, carve out a rectangular piece in the back of the pumpkin at the bottom so that you can fit the battery pack through the opening. Reattach the LED wire to the battery pack and turn it on, then place it back in the pumpkin and replace the rectangular piece in the back.

To turn off the pumpkin, just remove the rectangular piece, turn off the battery pack and place the piece back in the pumpkin.

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

Just look how fun it is all lit up!

DIY Neon Sign Halloween Pumpkin

One last thing to consider when making your DIY neon sign Halloween pumpkin is to go with a shape or word that is completely connected and easy enough to spell out with one continuous strip of LED wire.

Now go forth and craft your own!

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