DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

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Today’s Halloween project is simple and oh so cute! These DIY iridescent pumpkin planters can be made out of any cylindrical planter you own, and they are the most fun pastel Halloween decorations to add to your home.

DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

I mean do they not spark the need to make a whole assortment of planters for your Halloween home? Just look at those shiny faces!

Materials to make your own DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters:

DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

Begin by spray painting (outside in a well ventillated area), the top half of the planter. There is no need to be precise. Just spray paint the top half and inside of the planter. Then let the paint dry for 10+ minutes. Once dry, spray paint the bottom half of the planter with your second color of spray paint letting the over spray blend with the color on the top half to form a gradient effect.

DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

Once the spray paint dries, use scissors to cut out jack o’lantern face shapes from the iridescent vinyl. Peel off the backing and adhere them to the planter to turn it from a regular painted planter into the cutest pumpkin planters ever!

DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

If you love these little pumpkin planters, but don’t have the time or desire to DIY them, then head to my shop to grab a few that I will make for you!

Iridecent Pumpkin Planters from Kailo Chic

And, for another Halloween planter option, check out these Mini Cauldron Succulent Planters!

DIY Iridescent Pumpkin Planters

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