DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments

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I told you I was adding glitter to everything this holiday season! These DIY mini glittered house ornaments are so cute and remind me of mini versions of these Studio DIY Christmas Village Houses. They are cute as all get out and take no time to make at all to make. But even better, just like most of the crafts that I do, you can customize the colors to match your decor. While I am a color loving gal, I could see these in black and white or a deep forrest green too!

DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments
DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments

I mean, can you even with this cuteness?!

Materials to make your own DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments:

DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments

The process if you are using spray paint is very simple. Simply spray the houses with the spray paint and while it is still wet, sprinkle on the glitter. The wet paint will hold and glue the glitter on the houses while it dries. Easy peasy!

When the paint is dry, use hot glue to glue on a mini wreath and your done!

DIY Mini Glittered House Ornaments

If you are going the acrylic paint route; give the painted houses a coat of spray adhesive and then sprinkle on the glitter.

However you make them (with or without glitter, or all white, or with fun patterns drawn on them), one thing is for sure, they will be a fun addition to your Christmas tree this year!

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