DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board

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Cheese boards, grazing boards, dessert boards, or charcuterie boards. Whatever you call them, they are all the rage right now. Perfect for holiday gatherings where you can almost quite literally throw everything on the board and call it an appetizer for guests. But there is no need to be stuck to simple wood or marble boards for your grazing. You can actually make your own shaped boards, painted just the way you want with milk paint! Yes, milk paint is what it sounds like. It is a casein (milk protein) based powdered paint that contains completely natural and food safe pigments. That means that you can paint your own DIY ornament shaped charcuterie board and it will be completely food safe!

DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board

Just look how cute it looks too piled with Christmas cookies!

Materials to make your own DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board:

DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board

The milk paint I linked above has quite a few color options, but that didn’t stop me from trying to mix my own colors to get the perfect look I wanted. But you can choose any of their 56 colors too!

To use the paint, simply mix it with water and keep mixing until all the power disolves into the water and you get a nice thick paint consistency. I didn’t measure, but slowly added a few drops of water at a time until it looked like paint.

To begin, paint your board white with the white milk paint, then add in your colored stripes, or designs. How you choose to paint it is up to you.

DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board

Once the paint is dry, use the cutting board oil and a kitchen towel to rub the oil all over the board to season it. Once done, your board is ready to use to serve your holiday snacks!

DIY Ornament Shaped Charcuterie Board

This technique can be used to paint your own board for any holiday or themed party. As long as you can find the cut wood shapes! Or simply make your own by using a scroll saw or laser cutter to cut birch plywood into the shape of your choice!

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