DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

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Happy New Year! With the new year comes my desire to purge and organize all the things. My studio has been a chaos zone since August as I prepared for all the holidays. Which is essentially when it was completed. I had just enough time to move all my craft supplies and props in before the holiday madness began. I went straight into styling, making, and crafting in the space. That means I haven’t had much time to set it up as the colorful, organized crafting haven I wanted. I am taking these few slow weeks of the new year to get the space cleaned out of all the holiday crafts and set up for the new year.

The first project to help me corral the supplies are these super colorful wicker storage baskets. I made these DIY dip dyed storage baskets from plain ones I found at JOANN along with a few colors of Rit dye. I love the rainbow punch they add to my office space. They help keep the paint and random supplies from looking cluttered on my open shelves.

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets
DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets
DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Aren’t they so gorgeous?! And so simple to make too.

Materials to make your own DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets:

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Begin by filling your pot with water and putting it over medium high heat until the water almost comes to a boil. Add in half a bottle of your first color of liquid Rit Dye and use a paint stir stick or similar to stir the water/dye bath.

Once the dye is mixed in, dip dye one side of your storage basket by dipping it in the dye bath for about 10-15 seconds. Since these baskets have an almost natrual paper weaving in them, the dye soaks in very quickly and just a short dip is all you need. Make sure to only dip 1/3 of the basket in the dye bath.

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Now flip the basket to the other side and dip again. Just a short 10 second dip on the other 1/3 of the basket. Then pull the basket almost out of the dye bath and let it sit for 30 seconds so that the end absorbs more dye. This will give you the ombre fade look that you see on my baskets.

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Once the basket is dyed, remove from the water and let the excess dye bath drain from the basket. Then set on an old towel to let dry completely over night. Next, drain the dye bath and refill the pot with more water and repeat with your next color of Rit dye.

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Once the baskets are fully dry, you can use them to organize your craft room. Or try using them in your bathroom for toiletries or even in a kids room to hold little toys.

DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets
DIY Dip Dyed Storage Baskets

Do you all get the urge to purge and organize after the holidays too?

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  1. Caroline

    January 2nd, 2020 at 9:38 am

    Super cute! Did you leave the lining in when dipping?


    January 9th, 2020 at 8:33 am

    Yes! I made it easy on myself. The lining will get dyed though.

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