DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

Looking for a cute and easy wreath to adorn your front door for Valentine’s day? Then look no further than this DIY rainbow patterned heart wreath! It is perfect for displaying indoors or out under a covered porch for Valentine’s Day. Can you guess what is was made with? Hint: They are made for eating off of! Yes, that’s right, I used paper heart plates for the wreath! So simple, inexpensive, and cute to boot!

DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

Materials to make your own DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath:

DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

Simply begin by painting the backs of the paper plates with the paint and let dry. You may need a few coats for some colors.

Rainbow heart plates

Just let fully dry between coats. Once the plates are dry, use a white paint pen to add patterns to the plates.

DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

Everything from polka dots, to 80’s inspired shapes, to lines, and ovals work. Stripes would be cute too! Just use your creativity to make an assortment of patterns on the plates.

Once your plates are all pattern pretty, use the hot glue to attach them to each other to form a wreath.

DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

All that is left to do now is hang your DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath! I love using removable Command hooks for mine. Just slip a portion of the heart into the hook slot to keep it secure.

I love that it kind of looks like a flower too! So while it is great for Valentine’s day, it also totally works for St. Paddy’s day (hello rainbow clover!) and even spring! Now that is the kind of multi holiday decor I love! And even better that it cost less than $4 to make since I already had the paint and paint pen!

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DIY Rainbow Patterned Heart Wreath

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