Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas

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This post, Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas, is sponsored by Master of Mixes. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that keep the colorful ideas coming!

Since we are all coming up on a year of being at home more than ever, becoming our own mixologists has become even more necessary! These fruity layered rainbow margaritas are not only tasty and gorgeous, they are a snap to make with the help of Master of Mixes Margarita Mixer and Master of Mixes Simple Syrup Lite.

While I would definitely enjoy these any day of the week, they are also totally perfect for St. Paddy’s day!

Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas
Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas

I began by making up all the fresh fruity syrups to add in to creat these rainbow margaritas. Cut up strawberries, mango, pineapple, kiwi, bluberries, and dragon fruit gave me all the rainbow colors!

To make the Fruit syrup for your Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas you will need the following:

  • 1 Part fruit puree
  • 1 part Master of Mixes Simple Syrup Lite

Just mix the fresh fruit puree with the Simple Syrup Lite and put in a glass or squirt bottle to serve.

Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas
Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas

For the Margarita base, I followed the directions of the Master of Mixes Margarita Mixer and added lots of ice and blended well.

Then served up the fresh cut fruit, fresh fruit syrups, and pitcher of margaritas on my bar cart so my hubby and I could layer up our own fruity margaritas to our own preference.

To make my rainbow version I layered in frozen margarita, then a spoonfull of dragon fruit syrup, next came kiwi syrup, then mango syrup, and finally strawberry. My hubby went for a blueberry fest and layered in fresh blueberries and blueberry syrup.

The weather is starting to warm up here in Texas, so we enjoyed these fruity layred rainbow margaritas outside with a few fajitas for taco night. But I definitely will be making up more for our at home St. Paddy’s day celebration too!

Fruity Layered Rainbow Margaritas

Cheers!! xoxo -Kara

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