DIY Rainbow Chess Set

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A few weeks ago I picked up one of the new Uno iconic card games that had the most amazing 90’s themed patterns. It inspired me to create a whole assortment of games with my signature bright color palette! First up is this DIY rainbow chess set. I mean, can you even?!

DIY Rainbow Chess Set
DIY Rainbow Chess Set
DIY Rainbow Chess Set

Surprisingly it was really simple to do, although it took a little bit of tedious cutting and time. The whole project took less than an hour though, so I definitely think it was worth it.

Materials to make your own DIY Rainbow Chess Set:

DIY Rainbow Chess Set

Begin by cutting your vinyl into squares to the same size as your chess board. For this specific board, the squares measured 1 5/8″. I used the rotary cutter, cutting mat, and clear ruler used for quilting to cut the squares. You can also use a vinyl cutting machine or a regular ruler and scissors to draw the squares on the back of the vinyl sheets and cut out.

For each color I used appx. 1/4 of a 12″ by 12″ vinyl sheet.

rotary mat cutting
Colorful Adhesive vinyl squares

Once the pieces were cut, I simply peeled off the paper backing and adhered them to the game board to create my colorful rainbow chess board. I used shades of pink and coral for the white squares and shades of blue and green for the dark squares. That way it was easy to distinguish the two color sides and yet have the board be a colorful rainbow.

Adhering vinyl stickers

Next I spray painted the pieces black and white (feel free to paint pink or blue or any colors you prefer). For the edge of the chess board, I used gold metallic vinyl cut into 1″ strips and stuck them around the edge to give it a nice clean finish.

DIY Rainbow Chess Set
DIY Rainbow Chess Set

To say I am obsessed with this DIY rainbow chess set is an understatement! And my kids flipped and immediately called dibs on the first game.

I can’t wait to show you what other DIY Game ideas I have up my sleeve! But if you have any that you would want to see, let me know in the comments!

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