DIY Rainbow Scrabble with the Glowforge Cut File

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I made a DIY rainbow scrabble set ya’ll! I am so obsessed with how it turned out! Sometimes ideas just come to me at the most random of times.

The idea for this came as I was going from my desk to the bathroom and I glimpsed a few pink scrabble tiles I had laying out from a previous styled flat lay.

Immediately, I was like “why has a rainbow scrabble set never been made?!”

And that was all it took to get me excited to see my idea come to life!

DIY Rainbow Scrabble

So last night before dinner, I set to designing the perfect acrylic rainbow scrabble set. And set it to cut on my Glowforge before heading off to make dinner.

After dinner, the set was cut from clear acrylic and I spent time weeding the masking to reveal the numbers and letters on the board and pieces. Then I spray painted the board black for the lines and the scoring letters and numbers and the letters on the tiles white.

Once dry, I removed all the remaining masking and spray painted the back of the board white and the backs of the tiles various colors using my favorite Montana Gold Spray paint.

Once dry, the set was ready to use! And use we did, because my daughter who has never really played scrabble wanted to learn how and we spent the next hour playing several games of it.

If you have a Glowforge or other laser cutter, I am sharing the cut file below. This entire game can be cut on one sheet of 12″ by 19″ clear acrylic. And if you don’t have a Glowforge but are in the market for one, be sure to use my referral link for a discount!

To cut your own, simply set the numbers and letters to score and the tile and board rectangle to cut. Use a fully masked sheet to allow you to remove the masking on the just the numbers and letters for painting.

Now go have some fun and create your own custom DIY Rainbow Scrabble set!

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