DIY Disco Football for the Super Bowl

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Worlds are colliding at the Super Bowl this year, so why not make a DIY that’s the best of both? My Taylor Swift inspired DIY disco football is the ultimate accessory for Super Bowl LVIII. Use this sparkly football as a prize for party games (like bingo or a costume contest), or give it to the winner of the betting pool. It would also make a cute host/hostess gift, or even a fun craft for kids to work on during the game.

The best part? No footballs were harmed in the making of this craft. I just used the tops to two jumbo plastic Easter eggs to get that perfect football shape. If you have some disco tiles and a few other simple items, you can whip this up in just a few minutes! See the full DIY video right here.



Step 1: Remove the two tops to the jumbo Easter eggs and tape them together to make a football shape.

Step 2: Cover the “football” in peel-and-stick disco tiles.

Step 3: Color the entire surface with the brown permanent marker.

Step 4: Finish it off by using unpainted disco tiles to make the laces on top of the football.

Enjoy your reign as the Swiftie/Super Bowl crafting queen!

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