DIY Floral Tattoo Easter Eggs

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It feels like Easter is coming up so quickly this year! I have a few cool Easter DIYs to share with you over the next couple weeks, so let’s go! These DIY floral tattoo Easter eggs could not be easier to make. They’re perfect if you don’t feel like dyeing eggs or if you just want a less messy alternative.

Just buy your favorite temporary tattoos and apply them to your eggs. I’ll show you how! Here’s a link to the full DIY video.



Step 1: Hard boil your eggs or gather your white craft eggs. Cut out the temporary tattoos that you are going to use.

Step 2: Remove the plastic film from the top of the tattoo and press the tattoo against the egg. Apply a damp paper towel or washcloth to the back of the tattoo and leave on for 15-30 seconds. The paper should peel right off.

It’s truly that easy! Some other fun ideas? Taylor Swift tattoos for the Swifties in your life, sports themed, tropical fruits…you really can’t go wrong.

What style would you use on your DIY tattoo eggs?

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