Craft It – A Marble Flower Bud Vase

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I would like to say that this is my last marble craft to show you, but that would most likely be a lie. I can however say that this one is another fun and easy way to take part in the marble craft trend.

  By this point (if you had been reading my blog) you should be familiar with the clay marbling technique. If not, you may want to take a look at my marble clay clock tutorial and my marble fondant cookie tutorial where I go into more depth on the marbling technique. Here are the supplies you will need to make your own marble flower vases.

The supplies include:

* Clear glass vases
* X-Acto knife
* Oven Bake Polymer Clay in white and two to three other colors of your choice

First you will make your rolled out clay logs like so.

Next, twist your clay rolls together and roll out again into a new log. Then continue to twist and roll until you start to get a nice marble pattern. Now you will need to form the clay into a ball and roll it out with a rolling pin.

Now place once of your glasses in the middle of the clay and start to pull and stretch the clay up and around the glass.

When you get about half way around, you will need to cut out a pie shaped piece of the clay starting about a half an inch away from the glass. You will then have something a little like this.

Bring the two cut sides up onto the glass and smoosh them together to hide the seam.

Once you have clay up all around the sides of the glass. Push some onto the top lip of the glass and then run your X-Acto knife around the inside lip of your glass to create a smooth edge.

Place your glass on a baking sheet and bake in the oven according to the directions on your polymer clay package. I baked mine for 15 minutes at 275F. Then let cool on the baking sheet.

Now it is time to fill those beauties with some water and fresh flowers.

What is great about this technique is that you can easily modify it with a larger glass for a pen cup or toothbrush holder. Or you can even use these small guys for tea lights. Imagine how cool it would look glowing from the inside. Since the glass in still inside the clay, it leaves the possibilities wide open, just don’t use it for food or drinks as the polymer clay isn’t food safe.

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