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If you have been following along for a while then you have already seen my guest bathroom several times as I showed you how to paint and pattern your ceiling, install walnut and gold shelves, and create a unique industrial light fixture. Today I plan on recapping those projects as well as mentioning a few of the other small elements of my guest bathroom.

The entire concept for this bathroom was born out of my idea to use vinyl decals on a ceiling. I tried to convince my friend to let me make over her powder room with a black ceiling, but she was a little scarred of pure black, so I decided I would do the next best thing and enact my vision on my guest bathroom. Painting the ceiling black was the first step,
then came the white decals cut into a tribal design and placed over the entire ceiling. More of the details to recreate this look can be found here.

Once I finished the ceiling (and painted the walls white), I knew I needed to take it a step further and replace the vanity mirror and light fixture. Both of which were standard issue, builders grade pieces. When in Boulder this past January, I saw an awesome color cord industrial light fixture in a little ice cream shop and knew that I wanted to recreate it in my house somewhere. So I took a picture to remind me. When the time came for a light fixture for this bathroom, I knew that this would be the perfect look for this space. So I used some pipe and pieces from Colorcord.com to create my one of a kind light fixture. More details on the process I used is here.

Next was the mirror. After seeing several designs with a round vanity mirror, I decided to take the leap and purchase this brass framed, round mirror from West Elm. I like the look of the mirror, but do wish it was a bit larger. It is still difficult for me to not be symmetrical and use a rectangular mirror above the rectangular vanity, but since I splurged for it and it is already installed, it will likely remain here.

The final DIY project in this room so far were the walnut and gold shelves that I made using Ikea shelf brackets that I spray painted gold. Here is the link to the instructions for these shelves. Once the shelves were in, it was time to add the accessories and style the shelves and bathroom to fit its new look.

For the shelves, I added some framed spa type art that I purchased from Ikea 8-9 years ago and had in our previous guest bathroom, a few faux grass plants, a fun peacock candle, and some pretty packaged soap I picked up at Home Goods.

A few of the other elements in the bathroom are the black and white cross towels (you can see a hint of them in the reflection in the photo below) and the gray shower curtain, both of which I picked up at Target. The shower curtain is another holdover from our old house, but it doesn’t look too terrible in this new space, so it will stay until I find or make something better.

This bathroom is now in a holding pattern until I can get some more funds together to swap out the vanity and sink for an Ikea version. I have an idea on how to hack the Ikea vanity to get a more unique look, so that is in the future at some point. Also included at that time will be a new faucet and floors! The current tile in this bathroom is off white and stained and I want to replace it with either faux wood tile or a fun shaped marble, like hexagons. Once the vanity goes in, I will bring in some tile samples to see what goes best in the space. Until then, this is my guest bathroom as it stands now which is still a far cry from the yellow box that it used to be.

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