DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

Yay for more printable Valentine ideas! I think out of all the cute Valentines I came up with this year (see the end of this post if you missed the others!), these DIY magic wand pencil valentines are by far my favorites. Who knew transforming a pencil into a magic wand could be so easy?! Once the magic wands are paired with the magical gradient Valentine’s Day cards, they are even more adorable. There are so many fun ways to use the “magic” idea in Valentines! And I love how the black and white wands contrast with the colorful cards. Keep reading to get all the details!

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

Materials for DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines:

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

The process of turning the pencils into wands is super simple. Just cut a piece of black paper to the length of the pencil minus the eraser. Then add a strip of double sided tape using the tape runner to each long end of the paper and attach the pencil to one side and then roll and secure the other side. Make sure you leave the white eraser exposed so that your pencil looks like a magic wand!

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

Once you have the pencils made into wands. Print and cut out the Valentine printables. Then use the tape runner or glue dots to attach the pencils to the Valentine card.

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

Now tell me those aren’t the cutest Valentine’s day cards ever?! Even better, I think these printables could even work with a unicorn squish or tattoos. Because they are magical too! So double duty Valentine’s day cards for the win!

Did you see the other printable Valentines I made this year? Check out my DIY Yarn Ball Keychain Valentines and my DIY Cassette Tape Notebook Valentines! Your kids are certain to have the most creative Valentines in class no matter which of these you use!

DIY Magic Wand Pencil Valentines

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  1. Brittany Bly

    February 6th, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    I LOVE the Saved by the Bell/80s kinda color palette mixed with the magic vibes <3 These are so dreamy!

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  4. Cindy McGarry

    February 1st, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    These magic wands are precious! Really love the creativity! I used them in my latest Valentine’s Day post (fully attributed to you, of course)! THANK YOU!


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