10 DIY Ways to Glam Up Your Glassware

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It’s no surprise that I love to remake things to give them more color and pattern. One of my favorite mediums to work with is glassware. Everything from glasses, to dinner plates, to pitchers can easily get a makeover with paint, vinyl, or clay. Check out 10 DIY ways to glam up your glassware from our archives below and let me know which ones you have tried or are planning on trying!

10 DIY Ways to Glam Up Your Glassware

10 DIY Ways to Glam Up Your Glassware

  1. Brushstroke Glasses
  2. Confetti Coupe Cocktail Glasses
  3. Fall Leaf Decanter
  4. Custom Colored Glass Plates
  5. Neon Rimmed Champagne Glasses
  6. 80’s Design Pitcher
  7. Galaxy Gradient Glass Plates
  8. Confetti Glasses
  9. Palm Leaf Drink Pitcher
  10. Colorful Gradient Glass Plates

Now who is ready to host a colorful summer dinner party?!

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