DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases

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If you didn’t already know, I love science and spent much of my college days in a lab. When I saw these fun glass beakers, I thought they would make the perfect DIY Halloween beaker flower vases. But of course I needed to add a bit of color so that the beakers looked like they were full of potions! Just look how cute they turned out!

DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases
DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases

If they are not the perfect additon to a colorful witch themed Halloween vignette, I don’t know what is! And they go perfectly with my punny witch themed spell books.

Materials to make your own DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases:

  • Glass beakers (you can also find these at craft stores in the Halloween section)
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Faux flowers (black and colors)
  • Fake spiders (optional)

The process is really quite simple. Just pour a generous amount of craft paint into the beaker and swirl and tap the glass while upside down to let the paint drip along the inside of the beaker to make it look like it is filled with a colorful potion.

DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases
DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases

This process would also work well with test tubes to make individual bud vases!

DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases

Once the paint has had time to dry overnight (depending on the thickness of the coat of paint, it may take up to a few days for the paint to fully dry), add your fake flower arrangement and top a few flowers with the fake spiders. I debated between all colorful flowers or all black, but settled on a mixture of the two for the best colorful Halloween look!

DIY Halloween Beaker Flower Vases

Even if you don’t add the flowers, the colorful beakers look mighty spooky cute as is too! Just look how fun they are paired with the tall black candle holders, moon phase art work, and faux witch books. Now those are some fun witch themed Halloween decorations!

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