DIY Color Blocked Organizing Trays

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Is there anything as pretty and satisfying as a color blocked effect? I love the way the two colors play off each other to create such a simple but pretty look. I made these DIY color blocked organizing trays with wood that I laser cut on my Glowforge. But I realize that not many of you have your own laser cutter. Luckily, this project can be recreated with simple ceramic trays as well. And I am going to share how!

DIY Color Blocked Organizing Trays
DIY Color Blocked Organizing Trays

How to Create DIY Color Blocked Organizing Trays

I initially saw these oval trays from West Elm that I loved. I knew, however, that I could recreate them with my Glowforge. To make my own, first I simply cut one oval base piece out of MDF. Then, I cut one 1/2″ wide oval piece for the lip of the tray. Next, I painted the two pieces coordinating colors with acrylic craft paint. Once the paint dried, I used wood glue to attach the lip piece to the oval base piece. This creates the color block look.


If you don’t have access to a laser cutter to cut your own wood shapes to make your trays, you can easily purchase the West Elm ones and give them a paint make over to suit your style, or you can purchase these rectangular ceramic ones and then simple tape them off with painter’s tape or washi tape and give them a similar color blocked look with multi surface acrylic paint. The multi surface paint will stick to the glossy ceramic. Just be sure to either give them a coat of varnish or let the multi surface paint cure for a week before using the trays so that you don’t accidentally scratch them.

DIY Color Blocked Organizing Trays

I love that with my Glowforge I can recreate these in any shape I like too. I even made a fun lip shaped one for Valentine’s day. The Glowforge makes it easy to just cut a base piece and then a 1/2″ wide lip to create so many fun shapes. And if I really wanted to recreate the look of the West Elm trays with the raw wood base, I could do that too. But you know I have a hard time saying no to all the colors. Hahaha!

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