7 Unique DIY Vase Ideas

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Sometimes you want something to display your flowers that is far from the traditional glass or ceramic vase. That is where DIY and I come in. I love getting creative and using things in unpredictable ways. Over the years, I have created vases out of tons of non-traditional materials, in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes. These 7 unique DIY vase ideas are anything from ordinary. There are vases that spell out words, and clay formed vases, and even ones that resemble your favorite circus animal cookies. Now who couldn’t smile looking at these?!

unique DIY vase ideas

7 Unique DIY Vase Ideas

Click the links below to see these 7 Unique Vase Ideas and get the full instructions on how to make each of them.

  1. Typography Vase
  2. Clay Orb Bud Vase
  3. Test Tube Bud Vases
  4. Double Heart Flower Vase
  5. Color Blocked Egg Vases
  6. Mini Swan Pool Float Vase
  7. Sprinkle Covered Animal Cookie Vases

Now that you have checked out all the unique vase ideas, tell me, which one are you adding to your must make list?

And if you don’t have time to make your own vases, check out some of the ones I have pre-made in my shop! They may be more traditional shapes, but they all have the signature Kailo Chic color!

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