8 DIY Melt and Pour Soap Ideas

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I love melt and pour soap and if you search the blog, you can see that there are quite a few tutorials for making everything from shaped soap to patterned bar soaps. I figured it would be fun to round up 8 of my favorite melt and pour soap ideas. My favorite has to be the 80’s patterned soap!

8 melt and pour soap ideas
  1. Typography soap
  2. Memphis 80’s patterned soap
  3. Toucan Soap
  4. Abstract art soap
  5. Iced animal cookie soap
  6. Gem soap
  7. Bomb pop soap
  8. Unicorn soap bars

If you haven’t tried melt and pour soap crafting yet, I would really recommend giving it a go! You can create such unique shaped soaps for gifts or as party favors. And honestly it is as easy as cuting up the soap base and melting it in a microwave, coloring it with soap colorants, and then pouring it in a silicone mold.

Take a look at the tutorials above and let me know which soap tutorial is your favorite!

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