8 Totally 80’s DIY Ideas

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It’s no shock that I love all things bright and colorful and 80’s inspired. Anyone who has been following me for a while knows I am a sucker for the bold patterns and colors in 80’s style. That’s why, as I searched for inspiration for new projects, I found myself going through past projects I made. All of these are giving me so much inspiration right now! I can’t wait to show you the fun 80’s Halloween designs I have been putting together. But in the meantime (and since it is still technically summer!), I am sharing my favorite 8 Totally 80’s DIY Ideas, all inspired by my love for memphis design and the bold patterns and colors of the 80’s. They’re like totally rad!

8 Totally 80's DIY Ideas

8 Totally 80’s DIY Ideas

Which project is your favorite? Have you tried any of them yet? If not, which one is getting added to your to craft list?

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